Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You are Just as Good as Your Last...

I had come across a line that says "You're just as good as your last basketball game."  If I remember it right, it was a profile information of Paul Artadi.  At that time, I thought, maybe not.  There are those basketball players who had made a mark in history, say Michael Jordan, who will always be remembered by his greatness, and not just by his last basketball game.  Definitely true.

But just today, or yesterday so to speak, I guess it holds true for those who had not made it that "great" of an importance.  And it does not only necessarily need to be a basketball game, it could be anywhere where you play a role.  Yes, you may be that great at one moment, but you will always be remembered (if you will be) on your last game.  Everything else is history, unfortunately, not written on the books.  Well I guess unless it is within your closest friends who always had a record of everything you did together and all the stuff you talked about.  But beyond that, yeah, I guess everyone is only as good as your last (insert something here) -- may it be in the game of basketball or in the game of life.

I wanted to shrug off my shoulder and never mind that it is a reality.  But I guess it was an emotional me that says otherwise, hence this post.  Just wanted to burst out what's inside.  I guess this was just pushed by the fact that San Mig Super Coffee Mixers (SMSCM) lost Game 4, ha ha. 

But then, my feelings should only dwell on the things that matter most.  So yeah, I should let it pass and put my faith in God.  For in Him, He will always consider all the goodness I've done, and forgets the wrongs I already asked forgiveness for.  And I am too blessed to be stressed by that fact.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Things I Need to Learn

At first, I thought that my post title should be "Things I Want to Learn". But then I have a change of mind - it is not a want, it is a need.

Previously, I always wanted to learn how to swim. For me, it is something everyone should know. It is something that could save a life in emergency situations. I am unfortunate that I don't know how to swim. I long wanted to enroll to swimming lessons, but my schedule won't permit me. Soon. It isn't late to learn right?

Just recently, I found out there's another thing that I need to learn - to drive. Anyone who knows me closely is aware that I am scared of pedestrian crossings - and I have not overcome that feeling yet. How am I going to learn how to drive? But I guess this is something that I really need to know.

I don't know, probably I just become dependent on having someone driving me to and from my destination, most especially during the time when I was still pregnant. Well, that is aside from the fact that having a private vehicle is something that is a neccessity more than a luxury here in the Philippines with poor transportation. Thus, thinking that I will be commuting today (see my Facebook status :)) brings back that "first time" feeling. If only I know how to drive, I won't have to commute. But, thinking of the traffic at EDSA made me think twice, hee hee.

Anyhow, I survived. Was able to commute to the office - now the challenge is to go home. May God guide me.

Seriously now, I wanted to learn how to drive because I don't want to be dependent. And the first step - I should apply for a driver's (student's) license.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Take on the Controversial Play Between Paul Lee and Marc Pingris of the 2014 PBA Governor's Cup Finals Game 1

Okay, I might have been bias since I am a San Mig Super Cofee Mixers (SMSCM) fan, but the non-call by the referee on that controversial Paul Lee's 3-point attempt is quite close - could really have been a foul or not.

Before I present my judgement, let us watch the replay of the said incident:

There had been a lot of controversies in the past that regarding a referees judgement in the last play of he game.  I guess nothing can be more controversial, and at the same time memorable, than that of the Denzel Bowles game-tying free throws in the 2012 Commissioner's Cup Finals Game 7 - which led them to win the championship crown in the overtime period.  Yeah, I rejoiced that night and had watched the game over and over for several days after, tee hee..

Anyway, so what's my take?  It's NOT a foul - the same where there should have been NO foul in Peter June Simon against Arizona Reid's 3-point attempt; rather, it's a FLOP.  I based my take on the PBA's technical consultant statements:

Ang papanoorin lang natin dito ay ung depensa.  Vertical ba ung depensa o pasugod ung depensa.  It doesn't matter kung yung opensa ay pasugod o vertical ung opensa.  The referee is refereeing the defense.  In this particular case, watching the video, I think the defensive player is going vertical.

So, it's pretty clear, he told that Marc Pingris is going vertical - NOT a foul.  But after Dominic Uy's suggestive question, he changed his mind:

Yes, pasugod pa rin si defensive player.  Yun lang ang importante dito.  Yun lang ang kailangang tingnan do'n.  So, pasugod pa rin si defensive player dun sa offensive player.  If I will referee this, I will call this a foul.
See?  Seems like he just changed his mind after the question thrown to him.  I wonder if the question is not that suggestive, will he still make that firm decision that he will call that a foul if he will referee that play?

I guess if he will referee the play, he will not call it a foul, because it was his first statement.  There are no influential questions at the onset.  Later on after the game, maybe, when he review the play, he may think that he should have called a foul.  He can only bravely tell that since he had seen the play for a couple or more times.  But in live games, in the real scenario, I doubt if he will call it a foul - referring to his first statement.

As for me, I think it is not a foul.  Pingris is going vertical.  And I believe he had already landed before Lee bumped into him.  Lee should have bumped into him earlier to have a foul.  Moreover, I guess Lee should have just aim for the basket and not for the foul.

Just my 10cents.  And as stated earlier, I could have been biased.  My apologies.  Comments are allowed, haters are not. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My 2048 Addiction

It was one fine day when I found a number of Facebook friends posting their distress regarding the game 2048.  I'm a bit skeptical at first, but become too curious when my news feed seem to be flooded by the said game.

The goal of the game is fairly simple, you just have to move the tiles up, down, left, and right in order to come up with a 2048 tile.  Not being boastful, but I was able to get that 2048 tile in less than a day.

My latest 2048 game board

And my addiction never stopped as I also reached 4096 tile.  You may find the snapshot on my InstaGram account (funny, I'm not sure if it is minnie_madz or minniemadz). 

For weeks now, I am trying to reach the next goal - 8192 tile - unfortunately, I always failed.  I am stuck in 4096.  But to my surprise, there are already a number of 2048 varieties that I can indulge into.  I found those varieties here -- http://baiqiang.github.io/2048/

Can't wait to achieve the goals for each one.  Will surely update this blog when I do.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Okay, Let's Do This...

Hello my dear readers (if there are any)!  I know I have been in a very very long hiatus.  Busy?  Maybe.  But, it is more of, not inspired.  Or maybe not.  Actually, I got a number of things in my head that I wanted to get out of my system by blogging.  However, there are those that I believe should be kept inside; while there are those that come out of the blue where my blog is not accessible.

Anyhow, I am trying to bring back my Stradcom days where I get to blog every day.  But for now, I will try to write, say monthly, or bi-weekly.  Then eventually blog daily, if I can keep my passion alive.

So, what's up with me now?  My hands are full - of responsibilities.  My hubby and I open up a store last January 28 of this year - Minnie Crafts.  We are still in the process of coping up.  Where expenses vs sales is at the ration 75-25 (roughly).  But I am enjoying it - specially on tshirt printing.  Yes, we are into digital tshirt printing.  And I am really glad on how most of the clients appreciate our craft.  Please do visit our Facebook Fanpage to check out our products -- Shirt by Marquee.

NBA Finals 2013.  Being a fan of basketball, of course I am into NBA Finals.  And I am cheering to whoever the Miami Heat is up against, LOL!  No, I am not hater, I am just NOT a fan of the Heat.  My heart stays with the Celtics.  But I'd love to see Tim Duncan and Tony Parker win another championship against Lebron James.  My fearless forecast of Spurs in 5 can no longer be a reality.  So most likely, my hubby's forecast will - Spurs in 6.

Spurs vs Heat

Hmmm, I guess I have to voice this out -- I am really against on the way Vice Ganda is bringing in humor by bullying.  I can't help but compare him with Jose and Wally (plus Paolo) of Eat Bulaga who can make me laugh my heart out without having to insult someone's appearance.  No wonder I have never been a fan of Vice Ganda.  I can't even remember a time I got to laugh at his jokes (or bullying).  Intelligence is one thing; knowing how to respect others is more important.  Want a healthy debate?  Comment on and I will answer.

It's already the start of rainy season!!! I can't believe my feet haven't touched any beach yet.  *sad*

Last June 12 (Independence Day), we went to Sonya's Garden.  But I got a little bit disappointed.  Probably I have to story-tell my experience on another post.  Let's have it saved so I can get on moving.  For now, I'm okay with everything that I had posed here.

So, how are you guys?  Please help me awoken the sleeping blogger in me.  Okay, let's do this...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Trying to Write Again

My blog needs a little bit of attention... So here I am trying to write again.  But I simply cannot get the inspiration to get moving.

I remember my blossoming days as a blogger wherein I just cannot wait to write and share my experience (no matter how shallow that might be).  But that was history.  Unfortunately, words still can't come out from my mind.  Nothing to share at the moment... just trying to write again.

Anyway, please do visit my newly created page, MinnieScents.  It is a budding fragrance business of my hubby and I, which I hope would be a hit.  For inquiries, just shoot me an email at mmgalvezph[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do You Know a Store That Has Furniture Retail Software?

After almost eight months of living in our new home, my hubby and I haven’t purchased any furniture for our living area yet.  We took care of the more important things first (aside from the fact that we lack the financial capacity, hee hee) before looking into buying that stuff.

But since I will be having an incentive for referring a friend in our company, I thought of using that to buy furniture where we can place our shoes and slippers, at the same time, a place to sit on.  As much as possible, I wanted to save space.  On Saturday, we will drop by a furniture store nearby.  I do hope they have furniture retail software so that I can easily browse on their products and see if they got what I really need. 

Do you know a store that has that kind of software?  Do let me know as I badly wanted to buy the shoe rack for our humble abode.  TIA.